Nick N. Vlassis

Computational Mechanics & Artificial Intelligence Lab

Nick Napoleon Vlassis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University.

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Special Issue Launch: "Machine Learning in Multi-scale Modeling" in Applied Sciences MDPI - Call for Papers

May 22, 2024
Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to announce the launch of a peer-reviewed Special Issue on "Machine Learning in Multi-scale Modeling" for engineering and materials science. This Special Issue is part of the "Computing and Artificial Intelligence" section of Applied Sciences MDPI.

We invite you to submit original, high-quality research papers by 20 October 2024 on the following topics:

• Physics-informed ML for constitutive modeling in multi-scale structural and material systems
• The use of artificial neural networks (ANNs) to predict effective material properties
• Graph- and manifold-learning techniques in computational solid mechanics and material design
• Supervised and unsupervised ANN methods, including reduced-order simulations in computational mechanics
• The application of ANNs and ML-based optimization in the design ofmetamaterials relating to 3D-printing technologies
• Generative AI and deep learning-aided techniques for the multi-scale modeling and inverse design of materials and structural systems, including multiphysics composites and porous metamaterials
• Model-free approaches in computational mechanics
• Causal discovery for interpretable modeling
• Data-driven methods for solving partial differential equations (PDEs).

Yousef Heider (Institut für Baumechanik und Numerische Mechanik (IBNM), Leibniz Universität Hannover)
Nick Vlassis (Rutgers University)
Guest Editors